Investigate: analysis tool being used not satisfactory

HRM Profielen is a company that offers behavioural analyses, motivation analyses and team analyses, and delivers insight into people's attributes. They are distinguished by their reliable and affordable assessments that, thanks to the clear explanation and practical examples, are easy to interpret and practically applicable.   

The personality analyses that HRM Profielen was using were often the same. For them, that wasn't good enough; after all, ultimately it's all about the performance of their partners, and that has to be more than good. Together, we set out the desired destination: a certified DISC analysis - a personality assessment - to be used as a tool by the clients of HRM Profielen: the true HRM professionals.

Organize: making progress, in close collaboration

In close collaboration with HRM Profielen and in small steps, we captured their unique personality analysis tool in a web application. First, we concentrated on the measurement and calculation of the personality traits. The next step was to set up the questionnaire and to set up the calculation. The final stage was the online provision of the questionnaire, the generation of an online report and the configuration of the web application, to enable it to be used by the HRM professionals.

Develop: personality analysis web application

The desired destination has been achieved: a personality analysis tool encapsulated within a unique web application, where 97% of respondents fully identify with the results. A web application especially for HRM professionals who wish to improve their performance.

Techniques used: JDI backoffice in Play framework, JDI boilerplate in VueJS, Webpack and Zabbix monitoring.

Optimize: web application continually improves performance

By continuing to explore where the opportunities still lie, HRM Profielen offers a personality analysis web application which continues to improve the performance of its clients. Together, we keep on finetuning and making improvements, with the aim of automizing and implementing further assessments in the future.