We see possibilities...

JDI Discovers

We see possibilities... and transfer these into sustainable applications for your business. If it needs to be different from standard we are at our best and together we will go on a journey of discovery.

JDI Discovers

Whatever the phase may be, it always begins with discovery. Discovering from the end user's perspective is in our DNA. Our experience has taught us that through bringing different worlds together new opportunities arise. Whether it is an opportunity because of a good product that we can translate into information or because of a measurable increase of conversion from a better direction.

JDI Investigates

Often we receive questions and problems which we can solve, but before we say yes to our clients we always make sure we have a thorough analysis of the business case.

After the analysis, together we make a plan which we commit to and determine a path to follow.

JDI Organises

Agile, clarity and result orientated. This is the mode in which we operate and the way we have organised our internal processes. Sprints of 2 to 3 weeks ensure that even within long-term projects set interim results are achieved.

The set results are always based on pre set key performance indicators (KPI) so that the proces in each phase is measurable and more importantly mangeable.

JDI Develops

JDI develops not only to develop, but to create solutions. To make a difference for our clients, the know-how of our team members goes further than the needed technical knowledge. It is a skill that allows us to translate the specific challenges and drivers of our client's needs. Unique market propositions emerge and our clients can achieve great results.

This is the level with which we like to commit to our customers.

JDI Optimizes

For JDI, optimization is more than maintaining and updating applications. We take it a step farther. We are reactive and proactive in our approach, looking for new opportunities and innovation to enable measurable improvement and optimization for our clients.

JDI Develops




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MKB Innovatie Top 100 2016 We are proud to announce that JDI is nominated and listed as among the top 100 most innovative companies of The Netherlands

Dream. Explore. Discover.

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