Cost effective solution

Your company or organization deals with a large number of visitors or busy traffic flows and you want to proactively manage this? First of all, it is necessary to start monitoring. There are various means available for this in the market. However, these solutions are often expensive, and time consuming to implement and manage. We have the solution for you: QTrack, an innovative and cost-effective solution.

QTrack at work

QTrack will keep track on visitor flows, traffic flows or street activity. Basically, everything you want to measure, in which people, your customers, are involved:

  • QTrack registers smart devices based on Radio Frequency (RF) signals
  • QTrack registers the number of devices, the time, the duration of presence and the distance.
  • QTrack registers all data without registering personal data, so QTrack is completely GDPR-proof!
  • QTrack sends the statistical data to your app or website, so that your customer communication is automatically taken care of.
  • Based upon the data that is collected, it is possible to make a very accurate forecast about, for example, the number of visitors or waiting time at a specific point in time. Flatten the curve!
Optimal customer experience

By visualizing flows, such as visitor flows or traffic flows, it is possible to optimize the customer experience. For example, a visitor to a shopping center will be able to check, prior to visiting, whether it is busy and when it is best to visit the shopping center. This also makes it a lot more pleasant for the employees to perform their work, win-win situation! And what do you think about measuring the traffic flows on your site? By making a heatmap of the traffic on your site, you know your bottlenecks! Start improving!

App or website

QTrack records statistical data, but this is still raw data. In order to gain insight into this data, the data is transferred to a back office which is specially set up for our customers. With the back office you always have the right information, real time and at your fingertips, you are in control! In the back office, the raw data is converted into structured and usable information. This information is directly visible in a linked app or a linked website. It is also possible to connect QTrack directly to an outdoor LED screen. Via a linked app, all statistical data that has been collected is available and the forecast data is also immediately visible. We are happy to advise you in optimizing your Queue communication, QTrack tailormade!

QTrack actively in use

Various organizations are currently using the QTrack to optimize their processes and customer experience. For example, a waste processing company measures the visit to its waste facilities with the aim of better regulating visitor flows and offering its employees a safer workplace. QTrack is also put to use at various shopping centers. As a result, visitors know in advance and at what time they can quietly shop for groceries and have the least chance of being infected with the COVID-19. We are happy to tell you more about these and other cases in which QTrack.

Do you want to use the QTrack?

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